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How do geniuses do what they do? What is the best standard I could possibly get to? How could I learn to do things better? Who should I learn from? How can I improve what I do?


If you find yourself asking any of these questions then you may be surprised at how much you would get from NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming – the study and science of excellence.


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Resilient Relationships...and the power of neurolinguistics

Our next residential opportunity, a course of two halves or a week long

experience re-aligning, realising personal power, building

resilience and relating much more easily and effectively

with yourself and others. A retreat which moves you on. 

12th-18th October 2019 ... in the beautiful Algarve

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Diploma in NLP: the currency of success

Three day accredited certification course.  NLP awakens

you to attitudes, principles and an array of tools to

perform better in any area of your life.

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NLP Practitioner

The full practitioner certification from scratch.

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Mastery of NLP: consistent


Do you want to master the ethical application

of NLP? Do you want to make profound

changes for yourself and others? Do you want

to become better at whatever it is that you do,

and to help others do the same?

In collaboration with Keziah Gibbons.

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Course payment terms and conditions:

We are an ethical company and aim to practice as fairly and flexibly as we can. You will appreciate that running courses incurs costs to us. Our fair course payment and refund policy is as follows:

Course places are secured with a minimum deposit, which covers our administration costs and is non-refundable.

Where a participant has paid the full fee in advance, in the event that the participant cancels, the following refunds are guaranteed:

At least four weeks in advance: 75%

At least two weeks in advance: 50%

Less than two weeks in advance: We cannot guarantee a refund in the event of you cancelling your participation within two weeks of the course.