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Open House


We often get stuck in habits.  Habits refer to

many behaviours – it’s not just what we do

in terms of identifiable behaviours, such as

eating at a certain time, going out on a

Friday, tapping your foot,  leaving the best

to the last on your plate.  Habits are also

how we habitually behave – do we

habitually moan about people rather than

confront them, do we habitually put

ourselves down, do we habitually


Groups at work produce habits – the habit

of blaming someone else, the habit of

sayingyes when we mean no.


Part of my desire is to assist people to become aware of what habits suit their outcomes and values and which don’t, and help them create more choices to make them more successful, more content. I do this through creative and evidence based coaching, and through training people to Masters level and beyond in Coaching and NLP in open courses.


What is NLP?  NLP is the replicable study

of how people who are excellent do what

they do. It is a structured approach to

learning how to create better programmes

for ourselves,  and shows us the links

between what we think, how we think,

how we use language, and how that

affects our neurology and our behaviours.


It’s about modelling excellence.


You can check out my coaching approach

here and my open training courses here.  

I offer an ethical and accessible price structure, and when training, I often work collaboratively with highly trained affiliates to ensure diversity and a fabulous mix of experience and innovation.

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