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Supervision and Mentoring Packages

For those of you who coach, counsel, heal or train, you know that working in a facilitative way demands of your best practice, your best ethic.  You need resilience, love, and for the long game, an ability to care for yourself as much as you care for others, and to keep an eye on the quality of what you are providing.  In other words, professional coaching, caring, development and training demands high quality reflexive practice.  


For me, reflexive practice should be a space which is:



Somewhere to take some time to vent emotions and to

get off the hamster wheel. People work demands high

energy and it’s important to resist the temptation to put

your knickers over your tights and burn out in the service of others.



This is where you explore your work in terms of your skill development, exploring whether your work is the best approach, celebrating successes and identifying what to work on, and reviewing issues which might have got in the way or which throw you off track.



Keep work ethical.  It is so easy to spill over boundaries, and from time to time we might be tempted to take short cuts too. Professional practitioners will subscibe to a code of ethics and practice of their governing body. This gives the client protection, and also the practitioner.


These three principles were first named, to my knowledge, by an educator by the name of Brigid Proctor, a wise and wonderful woman whom I had the privilege to train with, and to learn from first hand.


I stick with them, because when we address these areas, with an outside body, someone who is right for you, who is caring enough and skilled enough to offer you both support and a little constructive challenge, then these principles support us to discover blind spots, build on strengths, look after ourselves, and give the very best practice to our clients.  



I currently offer two ways to support reflexive practice.




Mentoring is largely developmental, and is where you can come to learn ways and approaches which align to your intention and direction, and which up skill you. Mentoring is a mix of facilitation and teaching,  You might want mentoring to learn new skills and approaches, or to develop direction and development for your career and business.


I only mentor on areas in which I am competent, namely coaching, training, leadership, counselling, and small business development. Mentors are best chosen from those who are a little further along the road than you in the profession or calling that you practice. They won’t just tell you what to do, they’ll still help you find your own way, however they are likely to have relevant resources and be up to date on what’s around to help you.


For what might you use mentoring? 


Currently, as example, I mentor one person who  wants to learn more approaches to add to her portfolio for Leadership Training.  We work on theories, principles and tools around areas such as Leading through Change, Creating High Performance Teams, Conflict Resolution, Performance Management. We consult, design, address issues and strengths, and where relevant, I will share materials.


Another client is expanding her business and wants to develop her leadership style. She wants new approaches, feedback, and to run her business ideas through a dynamic problem solving and opportunity development model.


Another is branding her business and tidying up some of the processes that she needs to have in place to be at the top of her professional game.


Just some examples, and they are all a joy to work with.


Mentoring Packages current fees



Per hour                         £100.00

Per half day (3 hours)    £250.00






Supervision is a client centred process where the supervisee will discuss their work and be facilitated to identify what is working well, where they might do things differently, and to check that the way they are working with their clients is aligned to best practice and to client goals.  Super - vision - my task is to enable a climate and process for the practitioner to cast an eye over her/his work in its entirety.


I follow, loosely, a framework for supervision which keeps it both personal and structured, and you can find a copy of my framework here.


My fee for supervision is between £50 and whatever fee your highest paying client pays you. I aim to be accessible, I also aim for us to be equal in value and respect.



Please contact me if you would like to know more, I may also recommend others who supervise if we don’t match each others’ needs or wants.

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