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What's On Your Mind?


Coaching is a wonderful

means for facilitating insight,

learning problem solving

mechanisms, re jigging

ways of thinking and

creating well formed and

valued outcomes. For me,

coaching is a means of

revivification, coming fully

to life to feel impassioned

and vibrant, aware and

appreciative of your capabilities and potential. Coaching can be transformative, restorative, and it is definitely formative. I believe in using a mix of the best researched practice with a twist of magic which we create together.


I’m an accredited Master Coach and Executive Coach, though to be honest I don’t think it makes any difference whether someone is an executive, an artist, or someone really down on their fortunes, coaching uses some consistent principles. People are people, and we do know something about how they work. So I use a mix of psychology, NLP, knowledge from neuroscience, logic and creativity to help you to make sense of your story and makes sure that your next chapter is the one that you want to live. The mind and body are a wonderful machine, and often we utilise only a tiny part of our potential. Coaching can change that for the better.


I offer coaching face to face, by phone, or by Skype.


Here are links to coaching publications I have authored:


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